I'm not sure if this is the correct exchange to ask but hopefully it is.

Now if I want to acquire Digimon franchise copyright (Correct the term for me if I'm mistaken) for example for my Smartphone apps or Art.

Now what I know is if I want to make iMessage Sticker app on iOS for Digimon for example, I can get an artist who can draw the Digimons, but if I uploaded that app on App Store with Digimon name will be rejected without copyrights.

So I searched for who own Digimon Franchise on the web and actually it was a bit complex, I found that Bandai has the right to create Games, Toei animations has the right to create Anime, and I found also that Saban Brands bought Digimon Franchise a while ago, then Walt Disney acquired Saban Brands.

  • Who is the responsible for a request like mine, So I can contact them ?
  • Can any developer ask for their permission for copyrights ?

Correct me if any info provided is wrong or outdated.

Thanks in advance.

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A matter of terminology, what you want is not the copyright, but a license to use the copyright, presumably a non-exclusive license.

You would probably need to approach a licensing department at Disney. They will ask lots of questions, and if they are open to the possibility, will quote a fee, which will, i would think, be sizable.

Anyone should be able to ask, but I suspect that most requests are refused. It would probably be well to have a business plan laid out, and exactly how the images would be used in your plan.

Disney can refuse any license, or offer one on whatever terms it pleases.

  • Thanks for clearing out the correct terminology Oct 30, 2018 at 17:33

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