I have a small business website. I am using pictures with various licenses (license usage is correct). At the bottom of my page I am showing a copyright notice "copyright © 2019 my business name".

Do I have to remove my copyright notice because I am not the copyright holder of all images on my website?

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No, you may include a general copyright notice. You could more clearly identify what copyright claims you are making by adding something like:

Site design and text copyright © 2019 BuisnessName. Images copyright by their individual holders.


Site design and text copyright © 2019 BuisnessName. Image copyrights specified on individual images.

It is a good idea to provide attribution and an appropriate copyright notice on individual images. This can be done by adding a caption, in mouse-over text or in some other way that allows users to see it. In some cases the image license may require this.


No, because you are claiming copyright of your website in its entirety, including the choice and arrangement of the images you have obtained.

You should probably, however, provide separate copyright/attribution statements for those images, as you can't claim copyright on the individual images.

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