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Is summarizing copyrighted content by an AI "fair use"? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange has announced that it will introduce as a preview a new form of a question asking assistance: Through an updated semantic search experience, after a user searches or asks a question in ...
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Is using a copyrighted image/video in a school assignment considered "fair use"? [duplicate]

In the majority of classes I've taken in middle/highschool, when making a slideshow, poster, or some other kind of visual presentation, teachers often remind students that they should not be using ...
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Is it legal to create a 4 second gif from a movie clip? [duplicate]

I run a fun page on social media. I want to create gif from movie clips and use it for creative memes, purely for entertainment purpose. Will it come under fair usage if I give credit to the source on ...
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Fair use question relating to copyright law [duplicate]

Good day. I currently work in the publishing field, but have a unique inquiry regarding fair use related to copyright law; I am interested in launching an executive summary service to assist busy ...
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Will quotes written in my self-published book fall under fair use category? [duplicate]

I hold an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and have decided to start writing workbook journals to help people with anxiety, depression, isolation, and various other challenges that people face. ...To do ...
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Why register a logo as trademark if copyright protects it?

If everything I created is protected by the copyright; No one can use it without my permission. Why would I need to register it as a trademark to protect it? If something is too simple to create, it ...
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Is a copyright claim diminished by an owner's refusal to publish?

Alan is aware of an obscure old book that is out of print, and republishes it. Brenda Books, Inc. objects and sues Alan since they own the copyright. This is not disputed. Brenda Books' claim is a ...
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What is the law on scanning pages from a copyright book for a friend?

What is the law on scanning pages from a copyright book for a friend? Not the whole book, but a section or whatever the friend needs. What about if the book is out of print? If it is illegal, then ...
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Could asking an author for a copy of their research article be illegal?

I've been following an interesting Twitter conversation which raised the idea that merely asking a researcher for a copy of a paper they've written could be against the law. From the linked tweet: ...
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Are pirated movies and software legal for personal use?

Is it legal to download pirated movies or software for personal---that is non-commercial---use?
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Am I allowed to cut a 1 second scene from a movie and use it in my 10 minute YouTube video

My YouTube video is 10 minutes long. There is a one-second scene in a movie that I want to insert into my video to create a funny effect. Is this copyright infringement?
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Personal copying of source code from a programming book

Many books on computer programming publish source code listings and example programs as part of the printed book to demonstrate some aspect of the language. When I'm learning from such books, I ...
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Is it illegal to record a voicemail greeting?

Let's say I wanted to compile voicemail greetings for a fun project which may be put online. The voicemails would be of school district administrators from their office phone numbers. Would the ...
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Old Photo copyright

Almost finish with writing a business book - and am going through some of the illustrations to make sure I have copyright permissions and attributions. Here's a problem I've encountered: There are a ...
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Why don't publishers release journal articles whose copyright have expired into Public Domain?

Consider this journal article by John Maynard Keynes, a British economist who died in 1946 (the article in question was published in 1943). The journal (still published) is based in the UK, and thus, ...
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