If two different entities have registered the same trademark in different regions, one in the USA and the other in EU. Which of the two trademarks would have precedence within the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store? How is something like this settled?

(Both apps being distributed globally with trademarked app-names)

I'm trying to figure out if it is enough to get a trademark in the US because Google might enforce the trademark throughout the entire store. Or if it is necessary to get the trademark in every country the app is distributed.

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Both Apple and Google are absolutely free to let you sell on their store or not. For the AppStore, you can select in which countries your software will be sold. If I have a trademark in France, then you can't sell in France without violating my trademark, so you can decide to sell everywhere except France. If I then complain to Apple about trademark infringement, then you just have to hope that Apple is clever enough to see that you are not violating the trademark because you are not selling in that country. Or that they will be clever enough after you tell them.

The legal part: A trademark protects the owner in countries where they have the trademark, nowhere else.

  • Everything you say makes a lot of sense. I'm wondering about this part though you just have to hope that Apple is clever enough to see that you are not violating the trademark. If someone could confirm that this is how Apple and Google work, I would appreciate it.
    – J.A.P
    Jan 8, 2019 at 11:56

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