A small (.5Acre) plot of land sits adjacent to our property boundary, officially designated "grazing land" it is in practice wild scrubby, sometime-flooded ground that sits between our garden and the road in the countryside.

We would love to use it so we can keep it tidy and plant screening but it appears to own to our local county council and their stated policy is not to sell land* council-owned land, which would be our preferred option as it is worth very little.

We had been considering the long game and adverse possession claims. It is already fenced with an unlocked gate, so it seems adding another fence would be rather foolish.

If we lock the existing gate and then start tending to the land and boundary - keeping the fence in good repair, planting and weeding, etc - would this be recognised as maintaining a private boundary?

*In fact their policy is they will only sell land designated as surplus, however you cannot request or notify land for consideration which means in practice small, low value plots are never going to be processed as such

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    I don't know how it works in the UK, but US law is largely derived from English law. In the US states I know of, adverse possession cannot be used to obtain government-owned land. – Gerard Ashton Feb 4 at 1:33
  • @GerardAshton an interesting point. Here I think it's a bit different but certainly one to take on board. – Mr. Boy Feb 4 at 11:25

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