If we are allowed to upload content on to a site but the site does not provide any way to georestrict it, are we still capable of stopping countries we do not target from enforcing or claiming extraterritorial jurisdiction on the fully original educational content.

Assume India is the home jurisdiction.

  • How can an online company just not do bussiness somewhere ?
    – scientist
    Feb 4 at 15:59
  • Nothing targeting any country other than India will be posted.
    – scientist
    Feb 4 at 17:02
  • The short answer is no.
    – ohwilleke
    Feb 4 at 17:42
  • Does this mean youtubers or owners of forprofit or non profit organizations uploading educational content on youtube can be held liable under some country some law and as many countries ( I am not a lawyer and I am not giving legal advice ) enforce other countries judgement even if punishment is not prescribed in their laws (I heard somewhere) can be punished extraterritory?
    – scientist
    Feb 4 at 18:07
  • They can be held liable or convicted of crimes under some country's laws. Whether or not that legal judgment can be enforced is an entirely different question. For a criminal conviction there needs to be an arrest by that country (not necessarily lawful where made) or extradition. To enforce a money judgment, the country imposing the judgment has to have the ability to seize assets of the defendant or some other country has to recognize and enforce that judgment. Sometimes those things are possible, sometimes they aren't.
    – ohwilleke
    Feb 4 at 18:36

You cannot stop the claim.

But the good news is that claims of jurisdiction by many countries are routinely ignored by many other countries. So enforcement attempts might fall short.

  • I've written things here that might get me into real trouble with the authorities of North Korea if I ever traveled there and if they were able to match my real-world identity with this account. But I don't plan to travel there.
  • Likewise, before I went to Turkey I should probably review what I've written about their government, and then wonder if it is worth the risk. Probably yes, it wasn't very incendiary.
  • But my home country and those I tend to visit (if there is no pandemic ongoing) would not extradite me for what I wrote.

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