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Most cited contract law review article?

What is the most cited Legal review article about contract law on a federal level in the past ten years? "cited" in this sentence, refers to citations of the article in other published works (not ...
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Why are legal journal articles so long-winded?

Having read and skimmed several articles in legal journals, but not being a lawyer myself, my impression is that many law review articles are long-winded, using many words and sentences when fewer ...
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Has a sentencing manipulation defense ever held water?

Has a sentencing manipulation defense ever held water? It seems as if this form of injustice is considered possible but being ignored by the courts.
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R. v. Ojibway: impact of the "pony bird" on case law?

In Regina v. Ojibway (8 Criminal Law Quarterly 137 (1965-66)), a Canadian case, a member of the First Nations of Canada had relieved a wounded pony of his suffering by gunshot and was accused pursuant ...
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Earliest Law Review

In what year was the first student-edited law review published, and which institution was it published by? For this question consider a law review to be: "[a] periodic publication of most law ...
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