I am 16 years old,
I got my drivers permit February 3rd, 2017 and my 6 months ends August 3rd, 2017,
I live in South Carolina, United States.

My father says I can get my drivers license early (before August 3rd) because he is legally disabled. He states this because he thinks there is a law that if I pass the driving test even though i'm in the 6 months of the drivers permit so I can drive him around. I could wait until August 3rd but my brother and his wife are coming to South Carolina to visit for the summer (next week) and I would love to surprise them with me getting my driver's license.
What my father is stating about me being able to get my drivers license early, is it true? I am too young to know much about the law (or care to study it). So I am here asking for your knowledge.

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As described by the private, independent website DMV.com, on its page for South Carolina driving license, both the provisional and the special restricted driving license require that applicants aged between 15 and 16 or between 16 and 17, respectively,

must have held a beginner's driving permit for at least 180 days. The following requirements must also be fulfilled:

  • Complete a driver's ed course.

  • Have satisfactory school attendance.

  • Accumulate at least 30 hours of daytime driving and at least 10 hours of nighttime driving experience.

There is no exception noted for a person to skip the 180 days requirement on the basis of providing transport for a disabled family member.

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