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Questions tagged [fingerprint]

Fingerprints are the patterned residues of skin contact with an item. In law, they are used generally found as evidence to identify a person via forensic means.

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What law may you break with "fake" fingerprints?

There are many situations where fingerprints are used for identification. The most famous example is upon arrest, the EU are introducing them at the border, companies may fingerprint their staff and ...
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Can you get your fingerprints removed from the FBI database?

Can you get your fingerprints removed from the FBI database after a background check? The FBI website says, "NGI will remove the retained civil fingerprints should the submitting agency request ...
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Is there a legal way to opt-out of submitting fingerprints for professional licensing?

I am interested in taking the CPA exam. One of the requirements to take the test is have my fingerprints taken, ostensibly to verify my identity at the testing center. (
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Why is signature used to sign contracts and not fingerprints?

Personal signature is used to sign contracts. However it is impossible to prove the veracity of a signature, i.e. graphology is not scientific (see Why ...
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The role of fingerprints in criminal investigations [closed]

We've seen how important fingerprints are in Hollywood crime movies. But what about in real life? I mean objects could've been touched by ten people before and after the criminal. Additionally, many ...
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US Office of Biometric Identity Management: statutory and regulatory authority?

The US records fingerprints of foreign visitors using a system formerly called US-VISIT, now known as the Office of Biometric Identity Management. One might think that this is done under the ...
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