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Can you be charged with incitement for using reverse psychology to get someone to commit a crime?

Let's say an online service makes an unpopular business decision, and people are coming up with ways to protest the change. If I tell someone to download LOIC (a network stress testing tool that is ...
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Would xkcd's lawn care business stimulus proposal be legal?

The xkcd comic from February 17, 2024, titled "Treasure Chests," jokingly presents a proposal to increase a lawn care firm's business: Assume that one had permission to bury the three ...
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What features of speech make it incitement?

It is in the news that the UK home secretary Suella Braverman and the Home Office Minister Robert Jenrick consider chanting "Jihad" to be inciting terrorist violence. Assuming this came to ...
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Would an online article suggesting readers to perform piracy constitute "Incitement" under any jurisdition? [closed]

This question came to mind while discussing in the Arqade.SE chat rom about some recent scandals related to an online gaming news site. Back in October 2021 said media posted an article about a recent ...
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Can Members of Congress be Charged with Incitement (and etc.)

Following the recent Capitol Riot I started to wonder about incitement. I ended up wondering about members of Congress, who are protected against arrest and questioning for what they say when Congress ...
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When does being incited mitigate one's guilt?

At least one of those criminally charged with participation in the capitol riot on January 6, 2021 defended herself to the press by saying the president told the rioters to do what they did. With most ...
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Is highly irresponsible but unintentional encouragement of violence a crime in the US?

Inspired by recent events, I looked up the legal definition of incitement in the US. For example, the First Amendment does not protect speech if the speaker intends to incite a violation of the law ...
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US case law where riling up someone and then telling them to go to a specific location constituted incitement?

It's probably going to be bit transparent what inspired this question, but assume someone gives a long speech in which he declares that an entity is doing terrible things and then urges everyone ...
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Could Trump be charged with inciting the actions of 6th January 2021?

The Daily Mail claims in a recent article about the incident on January 6th: And he [Trump] could face prosecution in state court in Washington DC for inciting the mob to violence. Could Trump be ...
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