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Resubmitting proof of income

In the state of TN, if a tenant is always late on rent, at the end of their lease before signing a new lease, can the landlord request proof of income?
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Can my landlord add additional fees for items listed as included in my rent?

I live in Virginia,USA and I have been in my apartment for 3 years and each year when I sign my lease for renewal it states that my washer and dryer fees are included in my rent if applicable. The ...
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In washington state can a landlord suddenly rescind an agreed rent renewal with no forewarning?

First section below is the detailed scenario of the requested relevant law(s), and below that is the questioning of the scenario's legality: Abby has a lease that ends in May, and was offered a lease ...
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Is a 2-year lease renewal agreement agreed to via text but without a signed extension contract legally binding in California?

I renewed a 2-year lease agreement under existing terms as requested by my tenant via text. Unfortunately, I did not email the renewal extension and the tenant is now vacating the apartment early. ...
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New Lease/Terms as Notice of Rent Increase, Maryland

Is landlord offering of a new lease with new terms, and also a price increase compared to the current lease, considered a written notice of rent increase when rejected by the tenant on grounds of the ...
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New manager will not accept renewed lease

Suppose thsat a tenant in Dallas Texas was sent a lease renewal form via email for the tenant's electronic signature on February 28, 2022. Suppose that the form came from the tenant's previous ...
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