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A country in central Europe; population 10,500,000 (estimated 2015); official language, Czech; capital, Prague.

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Drone confiscated in Prague as tourist

My hobbyist drone, a Parrot ANAFI, was caught while flying in a park in Prague. I had to file a police report. What is the offense and fine? How to best get help? I'm a tourist in Prague.
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Is it legal under Czech and EU legal system to punish people with prison sentences for publicly expressing their political views?

This site claims that (my emphasis): The Czech Republic's chief prosecutor has warned that expressing support for Russia’s attack on Ukraine could be a criminal offence, punishable by imprisonment. [....
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I used a 3D asset in my game that was distributed under CC license. Later I found the asset's author stole it from another game. Can they sue me?

I am a Czech developer and the game company is British. I've already contacted them but they are not responding. I made a small indie game and released it on Steam. Few days after the game's release, ...
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Can parents withhold their birth certificate/marriage license from their kids

I had a falling-out with my parents awhile ago. Haven't talked to them in almost two years. They were born in the Czech Republic. I am wanting to apply for a dual citizenship in CZ, which is easy as ...
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Can a landlord refuse my request for rental because of my fluency in the local language

Summary I live in Czech Republic and during my search for a new flat, a landlord refused to rent me the flat because I am not fluent enough in the local language. Is this a legitimate reason for ...
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Income tax: Developer working from home office for foreign company

Where should an income be taxed if a developer (programmer) works from his home office in the Czech Republic for a company incorporated in Malta? The company sells a global service worldwide.
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