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The process by which a resident may acquire citizenship

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Keeping irish citizenship through Naturalisation after living abroad

I have seen online that if I live abroad and in order to maintain irish citizenship through Naturalisation I need annually inform the irish immigration of my intention to keep the citizenship. Now is ...
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Albanian Citizenship by Naturalization: Defining Economic or Scientific Interest

I was looking into Albanian citizenship via naturalization and was wondering what the exact meaning of: Foreigners who are 18 years old, may acquire the Albanian citizenship even if they do not ...
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Evidence for continuous residence to apply for UK citizenship as a EU student?

One of the requirements for applying for British citizenship through naturalization is: During the last five years you must not have been outside the United Kingdom for more than 450 days (about ...
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Can I obtain British/Swedish citizenship via grandparents?

Grandfather was Swedish, grandmother was British. They moved to Canada and got married in Canada and had my Dad. They divorced and grandmother moved back to UK. Unfortunately my own deceased parents ...
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Declaring marital status in the US passport application form DS 11

I was just approved for the oath ceremony for US citizenship. While trying to complete the DS 11 form, I noticed that they ask about the marital status, date, etc. I don't have an issue with declaring ...
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What type of evidence to prove continuous residence

Specifically, I am asking about the category "Your immediate family remained in the U.S." My brother and his wife remained in the US during the time I was absent. What evidence should I provide to ...
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Naturalization: No divorce papers

I will apply for naturalization soon. I answered the question of martial status as divorced (this is the real situation), but I have no divorce documents to provide because both (me and my ex-wife) ...
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