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Can the US House compel a state prosecutor to provide documents about an upcoming state court case?

The US House Judiciary Committee, Oversight Committee, and Administration Committee all sent a letter to Alvin Bragg, the current New York County District Attorney overseeing the New York "Hush ...
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Is the US House of Representatives legally required to elect a Speaker before House business can begin?

Suppose that an incoming House of Representatives fails to elect a new Speaker. Is there a way for the incoming Representatives to conduct House business without electing a new Speaker, or are the ...
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Does the speaker have to be a representative?

Is there a requirement that the speaker needs to be a representative, or could they elect anyone?
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Is voting in the House of Representatives automatically postponed if the Speaker of the House is unable to attend due to sickness?

I am wondering what happens when the Speaker of the House is unable to come in to the U.S. Capitol Building due to sickness on a day in which voting is to take place. Is there anything written in the ...
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What happens when a state loses so many people that they *have* to give up a house seat and electoral college vote? Who becomes the unlucky loser?

How does one determine who gets fired after the mass exodus?
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What happens if a USA House Rep or Senator is caught committing voting fraud *after* being sworn in a week or month later?

Hypothetical question: If a USA house rep or senator is caught with extremely strong evidence that shows they only won via voting fraud, whether through mass ballot harvesting or other forms of fraud, ...
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Have US Congressional reapportionment formulas ever been codified?

Over the centuries there have been several methods used for calculating the number of representatives each state gets in Congress. From what I have read, though, the results of the apportionment are ...
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Does the House of Representatives need a full-House vote to authorize a subpoena during impeachment?

There is currently an argument being made that - approximately: "The House of Representatives did not vote formalize the procedures of the impeachment inquiry until October 31, therefore any ...
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Does the concept of fairness and due process apply only to the defendant or to the prosecution as well?

"Fairness" isn't mentioned in the constitution but due process is and I would think typically applies to a defendant - someone who has been accused of a crime. But is there a concept where the ...
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What are the legal Ramifications if any, of ratifying the last remaining Un-ratified amendment of the Constitution? [closed]

There were originally 12 articles proposed for ratification in the "bill of rights" ten were ratified soon after. One was ratified in 1992 and the remaining proposal has no deadline or date of ...
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Can a gag order prevent someone from testifying in a congressional hearing?

In this article from the guardian - it has been mentioned that, former white house aide, Steve ...
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Are US Senate/House rules legally enforcible?

Suppose, for example, that the Senate is considering the passage of a law. A Senator has decided to open a filibuster. After a half hour, the majority leader tires of hearing this Senator speak. He ...
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How common is it for bills to be introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate?

Five bills are mentioned in this report. Two of them, H.R. 2422 and S. 829, are very similar and appear to be applicable to the same situations (though I can not find the full text of the latter), ...
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