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3 answers

When ordering off Amazon, are you allowed to keep a product that's significantly more valuable than what you originally ordered?

A friend of mine ordered a 60 EUR PC case off of, but when receiving it today it turns out it is an entire prebuilt gaming PC valued at around 1400 EUR. in the friends group, we speculated ...
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1 answer

Legality of emails reminding of abandoned carts

Some online retailers and service providers have this habit of emailing their would-be (or existing) customers who added something to their shopping cart, entered their email address, but then changed ...
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On what legal basis can a store sell an item and forbid its resale?

I was trying to resell this item, which I purchased a few years ago from California from a NJ seller. The item page says the item cannot be resold, but I guess I forgot. The store I bought it from ...
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4 votes
2 answers

“No returns” policy for private individuals selling items “buy it now” style on eBay

Alice a private individual (natural person not acting in the course of business) lists an item she doesn’t need anymore on eBay, though not as an auction. She specified in the listing “No returns.” ...
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2 votes
3 answers

“No returns” online auction policies

Alice lists an item on an eBay auction and in the listing, declares “no returns”. Yet certain consumer rights provisions including distance selling regulations mandate the indulgence of buyers remorse ...
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Claiming against eBay sellers: mechanics and practicality [duplicate]

It seems clear that in principle eBay sellers are subject to either the consumer rights or sale of goods act respectively, depending on whether the seller is a company or individual. But how does one ...
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Breach of contract between eBay users

Breach of contract between eBay users Bob bids on an item on eBay. He wins the auction. The seller, perhaps disappointed at the price the item had fetched, promptly"cancels the order" on ...
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1 vote
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Lost merchandise: Replacement or refund

Bob ordered something on eBay from a seller and wins the auction for £40. The item is in good condition but more usually goes for closer to £150. Perhaps it has some uncommon quality that especially ...
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