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Can a person challenge a criminal charge if it never went to court? [duplicate]

Is it possible for a person challenge or expunge a 25 year old felony charge that comes up on a background check if no court records exist because the case was never brought to court? What is the ...
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Why is it tradition that a motion to re-open a case occur before filing any other motion in said case?

I've been contemplating the filing a motion to expunge in multiple cases that I'm dealing with. However, I'm under the presumption that it might be necessary for me to file a motion to re-open any ...
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Expungement alternative for wrongful arrest?

The arrest occurred in Florida. My girlfriend and I have had a very toxic relationship over the last year and a half, which culminated in a big, physical fight where we were both injured but I ...
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Can a person be "cleared" of a conviction for something that is no longer a crime?

There may be numerous instances of this sort, but I will ask my question based on the instance with which I am most familiar. Ten years ago, Defendant was arrested and convicted for possession of a ...
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May any former felons legally purchase modern firearms after expungement?

The state in question is Michigan, but I'm curious about the question in America generally. I'm aware about Michigan's requirements before petitioning for expungement. I'm not clear if either or ...
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Does a destroyed file allow for an expungement?

A person goes to the courts to requests a record of their criminal misdemeanor court case from over 15 years ago that ended in a Nolle Prosse. The courts respond that they destroyed "the file". But ...
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Will an expunged arrest still show up on a background check?

I was arrested, but not convicted. I got my arrest expunged about a year ago. Will it still show up in a background check? Is there any way to fix it if it does?
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What does this mean exactly?

IT IS ORDERED that all records relating to such arrest and subsequent discharge, including associated bench warrants, pursuant to the above referenced section be expunged and destroyed and that no ...
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Does expungement of a case refer to online history?

When a court's expungement order stipulates that all entities with related data to the case, and data collection and data reseller companies destroy any and all records related to a case; does this ...
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Expungement of Arrest and Court Records after Death

If someone with a few criminal arrests and deferred sentences passes away, can a friend or family member have these Misdemeanor and Felony arrest records expunged on behalf of the person who passed ...
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Criminal record expungement in Texas

In 2010, I was arrested and charged with felony evading arrest/detention with a motor vehicle. This is a state jail felony in Texas. The charge was later reduced from a state jail felony to a Class A ...
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How do I get my misdemeanor conviction removed from public records websites?

Awhile ago I was charged with a misdemeanor that ended up with me paying a fine and doing community service. I searched my name on Google the other day and so far only saw my charge on one public ...
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Can expunged records be discussed by an employer during a reference check

I know that legally there is nothing wrong with disclosing all details of an expunged criminal record, and that employers are allowed to say anything that is true. However, are there any laws that ...
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If someone's record has been expunged, can they legally say that they have not been arrested?

If someone applies for a job and the application asks whether they've ever been arrested, can they legally say on the application that they have not been arrested before? Note: Case was dismissed ...
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Offense that was expunged still showing up

A friend of mine (yes, I'm aware of how that sounds, but it's true) had a felony expunged from his record 10 years ago. Recently when getting screened for a job it showed up and now his job is at risk....
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