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A term used to describe a human being, as opposed to a legal entity that's treated like a person (like a corporation).

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Can a natural person issue stock in a private project they’re working on?

I’m trying to find out about the legality of issuing stock in some project you’re working on if you’re just a natural person, by which I mean that you haven’t knowingly founded any sort of ...
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GDPR, personal and political activity

The GDPR does not apply to the processing of personal data that is "by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity". I cannot find a description of "...
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How to act in name of company rather than natural person by e-mail etc?

It makes a difference for tax and liability reasons if an action is done by a natural person vs a legal entity. How to make sure that actions are ascribed to the legal entity rather than one's ...
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Creating a social network account without consent

One of my colleague that does not want to be on any social network was a bit harassed by another colleague that treat him of paranoid. So this other college start to create a Facebook account with ...
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Can a company get a certification?

A company is "an artificial entity recognized by the law as a legal person that exists independently with rights and liability"*. So the law recognises them as a person. Are they therefore allowed to ...
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Is it possible to be a Belgian civilian without a first name?

I work for a company in the Netherlands and someone who wants to fill in our job application form tells us he cannot do so because according to him, he does not have a first name. This makes things ...
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Law regarding name suffixes

Background: My parents were having a discussion of how name suffixes can be utilized if I started having children, how would name suffixes occur. This was all hypothetical. My father, and let's call ...
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Meaning of the word "person" and "individual" under U.S. law

How does the U.S. define the word "person" in the statutory sense? I know the Dictionary Act defines it as an "individual" or a corporation, corporate body, but that leaves open the question, what is ...
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Can an extra-terrestrial be legally adopted?

Background: My client has disclosed to me that he is an extra-terrestrial entity who arrived from another planet some time after 1900. He was sent to Earth in a rocket by his (now dead) parents, then ...
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Using personally licensed software on a corporate PC

Let's say I have a personal license for a product as Visual Studio or TOAD or anything else: am I able to legally use it on a corporate computer? What about products, that are intended for free use ...
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Legal Identity for Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins are identical twins who share some physical connection. In particular, some share the same body, although both possess separate heads. As such, what are the legal ramifications for ...
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What provisions exist for stateless people in the US

How does a stateless person (one who voluntarily renounced their citizenship while in country) provide identification, arrange travel visas, and get back into the US?
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Can a natural US person hold citizenship while remaining non-juridical?

What law should be referenced regarding when and how a natural person becomes a juridical person in the US? According to Wikipedia: While human beings acquire legal personhood when they are born, ...
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