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Why is research grade ethanol seemingly exempted from excise duties while pure ethanol ment for consumption isn't?

At Sigma-Aldrich I can buy one liter of unadulterated ethanol for just 26.60 EUR. This ethanol contains no additives and is pure enough for analytical purposes. Its made by fermenting grain or ...
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Can I, a med student, buy human neuronal cell lines?

Is there anything legally stopping me from purchasing cell lines of human neurons without any disclosed use (besides the ethical considerations)?
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Is it correct to ban me from a concert without providing necessary proof that I was engaged in harmful or threatening behaviour?

I received following email by a venue in London: "Hi there We are getting in touch as we are afraid we have had to refund your ticket for the event tonight. One of the artists performing has ...
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USAMRIID is US Military - are they allowed to deploy domestically contrary to Posse Comitatus in response to biological outbreaks?

This is a question that was raised after watching several TV series on streaming services. It revolves around the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and ...
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