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What is the legal way to expel diplomats from a country under the Vienna convention?

Suppose a receiving State wants to expel diplomats representing the sending State. My question is, what is the legal method of expelling a diplomat; in case the sending State refuses to comply with ...
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What difficulties are there in evicting diplomats from their private residences as one would to anyone else? [duplicate]

Article 31(1)(a) of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations allows for the receiving state to execute real actions on any private immovable property located on the land thereof, so where lies ...
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Just what are diplomats immune to, and why would it include evictions?

Is it all police power? Clearly it is not only police power, because they are not allowed to be subject to fines or sanctions by civil courts either. But suppose that police are enforcing a road ...
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Can diplomats be compelled to pay rent?

It turns out that in New Zealand, diplomats can get away with not paying rent: In 2018, Eva Tvarozkova​, deputy chief of mission for the European Union (EU) Delegation to New Zealand, skipped out on ...
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Are outward facing security cameras’ footage on the outside of ambassadorial missions subject to subject access rights?

Bob walks past the front entrance of the embassy of the republic of Zwakilostan which is somehow under diplomatic protocols Zwakilostani sovereign territory. The cameras point outside toward the road ...
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Diplomatic law and car plates

What should the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of a country A do in the case in which the diplomatic car plate number is stolen in a country B? And what should the State Department do?
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Law enforcement in embassies

This answer tells us that embassy soil is inviolable, as per Vienna Convention on diplomatic Relations 1961, art. 22. That means the host country ('s law enforcement) cannot enter the premises nor do ...
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What is the legal basis of diplomatic immunity?

I'm guessing there was an intentional convention/treaty on universal diplomatic protocols (is it one of the Vienna conventions?) But suppose one sued or prosecuted a diplomat in a court of the host ...
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Is the German embassy in London bound by British accessibility law like the Equality Act 2010?

Is the German embassy in London bound by the Equality Act 2010 and cabinet office guidance on medical mask wearing exemptions? The website explicitly state that in order to enter the Passport section ...
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Why there are no sanctions against head of state if his/her country violates the International law by performing illegitimate acts of war?

Assume that there is head of state that is elected in elections that are fully recognized in his/her country and that is at least partially recognized as a elected head of state by other countries and ...
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Did the US presidential motorcade contravene UK traffic regulations?

Recently, US President Joe Biden attended the G7 summit in the UK. Various videos (e.g. here) show his motorcade. As might be expected, many of the vehicles are fitted with (and using) the red and ...
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Why isn't Anne Sacoolas prosecuted in the US?

The one fact about the Vienna Convention known by everyone is that diplomats are not subject to the law of the country to which they are sent. But they are subject to the law of their own country. ...
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Adam Schiff’s immunity from treason [closed]

I’ve just read hundreds of page’s finally released of the House Intel committee & shocked to learn Adam’s claim there was sufficient evidence, compelling evidence, substantive evidence Trump & ...
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Exactly which individuals born in the United States are not subject to its jurisdiction?

According to federal regulations, individuals born to foreign diplomats who are on the Blue List are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and thus are not US citizens at birth. But ...
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Are the premises of a consulate entitled to the same diplomatic protections as those of an embassy?

Embassies, as defined in the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, enjoy certain legal protections for the purposes of protecting their premises and (some) staff from interference by their ...
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Prosecution in a case of diplomatic immunity

There's been recent publicity about an American diplomat in Britain responsible for a car accident that killed someone. She claimed diplomatic immunity and left the country. Could the victim's family ...
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What jurisdiction of law governs diplomats & any immunity?

Headlines regarding a US Diplomat's wife striking (Killing) a motor cycle rider in the UK have sparked discussion regarding immunity. What is the governing law in this case? Are there any bright ...
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Papal nuncios, diplomatic immunity, and canon law

Supposing I thought my country's papal nuncio owes me money and he thinks otherwise. So I sue him and he gets the case dismissed on the grounds of diplomatic immunity. Maybe I could go to Vatican City ...
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Diplomatic immunity and criminal acts

As in the case of the 23rd July 2017 incident in which an Israeli security guard killed 2 Jordanians outside of Israel's embassy to Jordan, if the guard has diplomatic immunity, does that mean he can "...
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What would have happened to Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in real life?

In Lethal Weapon 2, the bad guy — if memory serves, a diplomat from South Africa — commits a bunch of crimes. Then, as he's getting away on a yacht, he taunts the policemen characters played by Mel ...
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Is it legal for Bill Gates to hire a foreign ambassador to kill a terrorist for him?

Is it legal for Bill Gates to hire a foreign ambassador (for example, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan) to kill a terrorist for him? For example, the terrorist could actually be trying to kill his ...
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The nature of diplomatic immunity

I used to think diplomatic immunity meant a diplomat was subject to the laws only of his own country and not those of the host country. Now I'm not so sure. If the police and courts in the host ...
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