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Would it be illegal outside of Russia to do mess with and troll their government and officials? [duplicate]

EG black faxing their offices, catfishing governors and Duma members and judges to relieve them of their money, draining their bank accounts, causing general pandaemonium, etc, so as to be able to ...
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Is it no longer possible for US universities to specifically support Ukrainians in admissions after SCOTUS ruling?

Here in Poland, after the invasion, universities started providing a separate admissions track to Ukrainian students. Набір на навчання Ми підготували два шляхи набору кандидатів на наші ...
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How do war survivors claim damages?

A Modern Example: Numerous Ukrainians survivors have had their homes destroyed by Russian missiles. If the Russian prevail in this conflict, then I would think that said survivors can not claim ...
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Would it be legal for an American to hack Russian military infrastructure to aid Ukraine?

I am an American citizen located in the US. Suppose I wanted to hack Russian military infrastructure and disable it in order to aid Ukraine. Would this be legal?
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Is this laundering money?

Arnie is a registered entrepreneur who sells raw wood. He was contacted by Bob. Bob works in a state organization (not private), and was tasked with building several garages on one of the streets of a ...
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If Kazakhstan's citizen visited Indonesia/Ukraine while wearing shirt with flag of Kazakhstan's armed forces, would he face any legal punishment?

Here is the flag: I want answers for each country (in one post if possible). Both countries banned communist symbols, but Kazakhstan isn't a communist country. So maybe it's possible to argue, that ...
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Why are Russian combatants in Ukraine considered soldiers rather than terrorists?

The question bothers me since February 2022. Why (legally) are Russian combatants in Ukraine considered soldiers (thus POWs when captured) rather than terrorists? There is no formal declaration of ...
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Vodafone offering lifetime free unlimited talk text and data to Ukrainian refugees - unlawful discrimination?

This seems to me a flagrant violation of the human rights and equality acts. I mean at least if it is giving preferential treatment to Ukrainian rather than say Syrian refugees. If I’m not mistaken ...
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Is what Russia is doing in Ukraine in violation of the Russian Constitution?

A lot of what Russia is doing in Ukraine appears to be in violation of international laws. As the ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan said "Ukraine is a crime scene" (Barrons). I'm wondering if ...
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Is a resistance poisoning food a breach of the chemical weapons convention?

There are reports that Ukrainian civilians are poisoning Russian troops with pies. It may be worth noting that this tactic has a long history, and its use was honored by the Soviet Union when applied ...
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When is a war not illegal?

In conjunction with the Russo-Ukranian War, many newspapers call the war an illegal war. I figured, any war would be illegal, since an attack on a sovereign nation seems to me the opposite of a legal ...
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Questions about details of the UK plan to seize property of Russian Oligarchs

I refer to this Q&A in Stackexchange: Legality of penalising Russian Oligarchs by ConanTheGerbil. There's some good info there but I have some follow-up questions. Q1. Burden of Proof. If a ...
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Would it be legal for foreign volunteers to fight in Ukraine?

On Sunday 27 February at 7:15 AM GMT, the BBC reported that: (source) Ukraine asks foreign volunteers to help Kyiv says it's establishing an "international" legion for foreigners wishing to ...
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Can a Ukranian court change a hearing date without the accused being present?

Sequence of events: November 2019: Person A and Person B are caught shoplifting at a major grocery chain in Lviv December 2019 - February 2020: Deposition/Discovery happens. First hearing. They plead ...
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Have I to specify the sentence and paragraph when referring to the law?

Asking for Ukrainian Law system (if there is difference). For example, there is a law; in the law there are an article; in the article, there are few paragraphs, and I need to refer only to one of ...
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Is gidazepam considered legal in Ukraine?

I've checked the table of illegal drugs, and it seems like every other benzodiazepine is in there. But for some reason gidazepam is not. So is it considered legal (because I'm not sure)?
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Can you avoid military service in Ukraine when you are studying at an university?

Is it possible to not go to the army in Ukraine due to the person being engaged in studying at a university? I mean not going to the army at all and studying at the university until you are 27 years ...
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