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Can courts override regulations?

united-states Invalidating Statutes It is inconceivable that the courts of law could override statutes. The courts are bound by statutes, and only have leeway in interpreting them where they are ...
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Can courts override regulations?

In the U.S., this happens often due to the fact that the separation of powers means the branch of government that writes the laws is not responsible for the enforcement of the laws. In U.S. ...
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Can courts override regulations?

canada Regulations are products of executive action and can be reviewed for validity on a variety of grounds: Regulations are valid if they are passed by the Governor in Council, signed by the ...
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Why do some decisions reference case law that references other case law? Why not just reference the original case law?

Lots of reasons The citing case may be in a higher court than the cited case but might not actually add anything. You always go for the highest authority on record. From time to time, a case makes a ...
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