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Factual. Source 1: Factual questions? – Dan Bron Jul 27 '15 at 13:11 Source 2: To describe questions are direct, non-value laden, and not leading, I might use the term factual questions. or, alternatively, objective questions.


When is each option used? I can only speak for the common law jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, but typically an issue is remanded back to the lower court for further proceedings. This is because the lower court is normally in a better position to handle the matter. For example, the lower court will have heard all of the arguments and evidence presented by ...


Typically, a court presentation to a jury has multiple parts. First, the jury is selected and there are showmanship aspects to it, but simple questions are used. Then, each side presents opening arguments to the jury which may use AV aids. Then, each side presents witnesses and through the witnesses, exhibits. Sometimes exhibits are presented in an AV format ...


Yes, what you're describing is very common. There is an entire industry built around helping lawyers prepare and assemble presentations for opening and closing arguments. I've seen people use PowerPoint, timeline software, and all sorts of things. Google "trial presentation vendors" for examples.

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