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There is probably no legal requirement for them to enforce it, however because they are not holding up thier side of the contract (providing you with an apartment with quiet hours between 11 and 8), you would not be obligated to continue your lease either, and they must likely couldn't hold you accountable for early termination.


John owns a condo unit in Philadelphia, PA. This unit is part of a single building, which houses 3 total units. John owns A, Janet owns B, and Chris owns C. John and Janet both bought their units from Chris, who is the builder. Chris was looking to sell C, but found no buyer and thus rents this unit out. Chris informed John and Janet that he would 'set up' ...


In addition to the points raised in Rock Ape's answer, breach of a licence condition is a criminal offence pursuant to section 72(3) of the Housing Act 2004: A person commits an offence if (a) he is a licence holder or a person on whom restrictions or obligations under a licence are imposed in accordance with section 67(5), and (b) he fails to comply with ...


Is there anything I can do legally? Not a lot really as you're not the tenant in that room. If the landlord/owner is not approachable, one option is to report your concerns using the Tower Hamlets complaints procedures, especially as their website says: The Council has a proactive inspection programme of HMOs. If conditions in the properties inspected are ...

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