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Did Elon Musk have a legal justification for firing CEO Parag Agrawal for cause right after closing the Twitter deal?

What's the "cause"? If the cause is that they caused Elon to pay more for Twitter than it was worth, that doesn't seem a valid reason - they don't work for Elon; they work for Twitter and, ...
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USA Employment Law: Job Search with Moonlighting

I'm assuming you're worried about employment contract clauses that specify that anything you do while working for the company are property of the company. Usually they say something along the lines ...
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Can ex-employer ask/require in a severance agreement that if I plan to disclose information about the severance agreement, I must tell them first?

When we talk about a "severance agreement", it usually means the employer pays you money that they are not legally required to pay, in exchange for you doing something they want. For example,...
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Can a government lawyer's duty of loyalty be ended in Canada?

Some of your premises are not as absolute as you assume. See the provisions of the BC Law Society's Code of Professional Conduct, for example. The commentary to s. 3.4-2 ("Consent") ...
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If one loses their job while outside the US, is their worker visa immediately revoked?

Your H1b visa is not void, but you cannot use it to enter the US if you are not entering to work for the company that your H1b petition is for. If you need to get your stuff, you can enter as a ...
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