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What right to privacy? To the extent that you have a right to privacy, you have to be in a private space and that right extends only to the extent that you are not observable from a public space. For example, you have a right to privacy in your bedroom if you close the curtains. Any such space is almost certainly indoors where drones are unlikely to be an ...


Drones have no rights. Owners of drones may have the right that nobody destroys their property without a very good reason.


Dale M is right that India inherits the laws and the customs of England. However the crucial point is that American "the Government" translates into British English as "the State". British English "the Government" translates into American English as "the Executive". Indian English follows British English in this regard.


The court will care if the testator is adult, of sound mind (including, not drunk), makes the will of their own volition, and only disposes of their own property. It must be witnessed by 2 persons, who witness the testator signing the will (or legal substitute such as a "mark", or an instruction to a third party to sign). And the will must be the last will ...

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